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Nov 17, 2019

This week, returning guest Renie Rivas joins us to fill in for out-of-towners Kyle and Lindsay! We scratch the tippy top of the surface of the iceberg of Disney Plus, then we go into a fully SPOILER-filled discussion of the first half of the last season of "Birthday Dad". I mean, "BoJack Horseman".

(Opinions expressed...

Nov 3, 2019

This week, we watch a bunch of spooky cartoons and then comment! If you want to follow along, here’s what we watched:

  • Scaredy Cat
  • Swing You Sinners
  • Runaway Brain
  • Willie Whopper in Hell’s Fire
  • The Tell-Tale Vacuum (From Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery)
  • Tales from the Crypt: The Third Pig

(Opinions expressed by Kyle and...