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Dec 1, 2019

This week, Kyle, Lindsay, and Luke review the long awaited "Frozen II"! (SPOILERS start about 7 minutes in.) Then after that comes a segment Luke recorded earlier that day with special guests, artist Brianna Garcia and cosplayer Kit Leitmeyer! We also start off reviewing "Frozen II"... ...But then (about 50-55 minutes into the episode), we get to the REAL reason we met up to record this segment, all three of us thoroughly geeking out about how much we LOVE Netflix's "She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power"! It's got more SPOILERS than Sea Hawk has ships that are on fire, so if you haven't seen it yet, just go watch all 39 episodes immediately and then listen to this. Trust us, it's more than worth it. The image for this episode shows Brianna in the lower left cosplaying as "Anna" (because "Frozen II"), and the main image was taken at a convention where show creator Noelle Stevenson saw Kit and her friends dressed as "She-Ra" characters, and ran up to them asking if she could get a picture with them! In that picture is (from left to right): Hello Koko Cosplay as "Glimmer", Noelle Stevenson, Jimmy Sherfy as "She-Ra", and Kit as "Adora" rockin' the hair poof!

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