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Oct 7, 2018

This week we say 'sayonara' to Kyle & Lindsay as they head to their 4-years-later Honeymoon to Japan! To fill in for them, Luke is joined by the nerdy comedy music duo "The Library Bards", Xander Jeanneret and Bonnie Gordon! We plug all their many projects, like their web talk show on Project Alpha "Good Fortnight Kevin", most notably their Season 2 Episode 3 episode titled "Toon Talk" which features Kyle and Luke talking about toons! We also find out what their favorite cartoons are, both of all time and of recent years, and Occasionally Erika hops in to 'weeb out' with Xander over their love of Sailor Moon. Note: You must do jazz hands as instructed in this episode.

(Opinions expressed by Kyle and Luke are their own and have no relevance to the opinions of any large animation studios we happen to work for.)

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