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Jun 18, 2017

This week, Kyle's work & travel schedule made it necessary for Luke to record an episode without him. So Luke is joined by the co-host of one of his other podcasts, Carrie Dahlby, who like Kyle & Luke also creates comedy songs for Dr. Demento and the FuMP dot com. Back in 2011 on their podcast "Luke & Carrie's Bad Rapport" (Episode 34:, Carrie wanted to have a discussion about 'cartoon crushes', since there were some cartoon dudes from her youth that she particularly fancied. Luke reciprocated and listed off some cartoon lady favorites of his. On this episode they revisit the discussion, and bring their mutual lists up to date. Language warning: A couple of s-words slip by. No, not 'swords', the word that means poop. Ah, nevermind.

(Opinions expressed by Kyle and Luke are their own and have no relevance to the opinions of any large animation studios we happen to work for.)

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